Challenging perceptions to deliver a brand identity with attitude, for a fiercely independent neighbourhood that has defied expectation for over 50 years.

Transform Awards 2018 – Gold for Best Place or Nation Brand

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Investing in the future

The area of Newington, near Ramsgate, has driven change and defied expectation for over half a century. Fuelled by the determination of its residents, today it's undergoing a resurgence thanks to a £1million investment from the Big Lottery Fund – and a neighbourhood of residents empowered to make the estate a better place.

Following a strategic and creative workshop with residents and committee members, we aligned the brand with values based on the people that make it – a resilient, proud and inspiring neighbourhood.


The estate of enablers

The new logo is designed to symbolise unity, leadership and independence within Newington. A flying flag is the perfect metaphor for this, as well as the positive change planned for the neighbourhood in years to come.

Intelligent wordplay and a series of creative headlines transforms the stereotype of an estate from something negative into a place that’s fiercely optimistic. This is reinforced by a suite of upbeat illustrations and a colourful brand system that’s easy to apply by committee members and residents alike.


Designed to work as an online community noticeboard, we created a website that is easy to update with the latest news and events. In addition, a range of promotional materials from banners to flyers and brochures to merchandise helps to increase awareness of the Lottery's £1million grant, also renewing the area's credibility and improving the chance of securing more funding in the long-term.



Brand impact

"We've always been a community of underdogs and right from the outset Lantern's attitude focused approach gave us a powerful personality. All the residents love it and are proudly flying the flag!"

Cara Thrope, Head of  Community Development , Newington Big Local


Raising the standard

A comprehensive guidelines document was produced as part of the process to ensure the Newington residents' committee were able to continue creating consistent and compelling marketing materials. 


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