Through downloads, streaming and live experiences, Primephonic delivers classical music for the digital age. We worked with them to define a new brand story and reignite a global passion for the genre.

Transform Awards 2018 – Gold for Best Use of Copy/Tone of Voice
Transform Awards 2018 – Highly commended for Best Creative Strategy

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Capturing the emotion of classical

Primephonic is a new streaming service that delivers classical music for the digital age. The platform aims to challenge preconceptions that classical music is elitist, uncool and the preserve of the educated, by offering barrier-breaking services and experiences.

Through a comprehensive strategic process, we developed a new strapline to emotionally capture the brand's core purpose. ‘For life on an epic scale’ celebrates the transformative power of classical music, the journey it can take you on and the sense of awe it can bring to the more mundane moments in life. Linguistically, it is a playful nod to the genre itself.


Looking good, sounding great

Alongside defining the brand's audience, vision, values and positioning, we evolved the tech firm's look and feel, creating a refreshed identity, including a new icon and a comprehensive suite of creative messages to define the brand's attitude.

The icon was designed to reflect the five horizontal lines of a music stave, acting as a foundation for all classical music pieces. Two staves have been abstracted, interlocking to form a play icon, helping to reflect the sense of amplification and epic scale that customers feel when interacting with the Primephonic brand.


The idea of 'For life on an epic scale' translated all the way through the visual and verbal identity, inspiring an emotionally charged tone of voice and brand manifesto. Through creative writing, we captured a narrative that expressed how twelve simple notes can be arranged with a spellbinding ability to immerse and inspire, to divide and disrupt. An astounding capacity to transport the listener through the solar system in seven movements, through a gallery space in ten pieces or through the majesty of the four seasons in just 43 minutes.

Visually, the idea was to leave space for imagination and escapism. We deliberately stayed away from orchestras, instruments and conductors, choosing instead to focus on specific moments that told a personal story.


Brand impact

“Lantern just get it. Their creativity and vision elevated our company goals with ease and focus. They were instrumental in expanding our brand, strengthening our identity and core and bringing clarity to our messaging. Thank you for bringing it to life on an epic scale!”

Sharri Morris, Head of Marketing, Primephonic


A brand on an epic scale

We worked with the internal team at Primephonic to deliver successful launch events in the UK and US, while a new brand guidelines serves to protect the new identity system and today, we continue to support the brand in the delivery of key print and digital marketing material. 



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