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Branding an award-winning photography duo known for their cheeky character, wicked sense of humour and near impossible to spell name.


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Award-winning photographers Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton are well known for their portrait, food, travel and editorial creative. They have featured in various publications globally, including Huck Magazine, Boat Magazine, The Observer Magazine and Observer Food Monthly. 

They are also know for their cheeky character, playful approach to business and their dry, dark sense of humour. We captured this character through the juxtaposition of their photography with a unique abbreviation of their unusual name: HaaHa.


Character, captured

The simple branding system showcases Liz and Max's greatest works across applications including business cards and portfolio brochures. Alongside photography, a suite of creative headlines play on the 'Haa Ha' wordmark, bringing life to conventionally mundane collateral including invoices and packing tape.  


Brand impact

 “BOOM! This is brilliant!”

Max Hamilton, Partner, Haarala Hamilton Photography

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