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Delivering a brighter, safer working environment for DS Smith's global network: A health and safety campaign for over 25,000 employees across 33 countries.


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DS Smith is one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of. Its clients include most of the famous global FMCG brands you’d recognise from your weekly shop, who use DS Smith’s corrugated board in their shelf-ready packaging and pop-up shops and displays, as well as many other blue chip industrial clients who rely on DS Smith corrugated boxes to protect their goods in transit from their factories to the consumer. One in three packaged consumer products sold in Europe come in boxes that are made in one of DS Smith’s 200 factories.


Safety doesn’t have to be boring

The company has grown rapidly, and this brings its own challenges. 28 different languages are spoken in operations spanning 33 countries. More than three quarters of these businesses have been under DS Smith’s control for less than four years. Communicating a clear and consistent Health and Safety message to such a diverse audience is not easy. Lantern was approached by the Group Health, Safety and Environment Director, Mark Greenwood, with a specific brief: He wanted to create a toolkit that would allow the creative spark, inherent in a business that makes high-end consumer packaging, to flourish, whilst unifying the safety messaging through an easily recognisable, consistent design.


A character was introduced to visually represent the risks faced by a DS Smith worker – 'Boxy' is a likeable hero and a corrugated front-man for a health and safety poster campaign. He is always on hand to highlight the on-site dangers that can be faced in any factory setting. An underdog by nature, Boxy is a friendly, playful character is prepared to suffer the slips, trips and falls so that others don’t have to. From puddles to potholes and falling boxes to fires, he battles everything the work environment can throw at him – and not always with success. That’s why he shares his experiences, to ensure his colleagues can learn from his mistakes.



 Brand impact

“Lantern immediately understood our brief and created a character with a personality that chimes in any language or cultural setting. It has been fantastic to see how our regional communications and safety teams have been inspired to create their own scenarios, tailored to their local context, using the Boxy toolkit. We are extremely happy with the results, and have already been fielding requests for new elements and scenarios for Boxy to appear in”

Mark Greenwood, Group Health, Safety & Environment Director, DS Smith Plc


A toolkit for over 200 sites

The project resulted in the delivery of a toolkit of 25 scenarios and elements that can be used by local teams to create their own posters that are consistent with corporate usage guidelines, which was also created by Lantern. This has been instrumental in delivering a consistent and unified message whilst accommodating individual cultural and language requirements. Today, there are Boxy Safety posters in over 200 factories – all of them distinctive and unique but nevertheless instantly recognisable.


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