Terzi Editions: New identity for luxury Turkish towel brand


Woven from 100% Turkish cotton, Terzi’s hand finished towels are made for people who care about the details. Unique, modern geometric design blends with traditional artisan craftsmanship.

Fast-moving lifestyles need quick-drying towels

Launched in 2019, Terzi draw upon a wealth of history and heritage. Also known as Foutas, they have been used in the Middle East and Mediterranean for centuries. Traditionally, Turkish cotton grows longer than other cottons, making it more absorbent, quicker drying and more compact. Their uses have ranged from public bath or hammam towels to casual robes for relaxing at home. Today, they are designed to be functional enough to use at the pool, yet smart enough to carry to a bar.

Geometric design

The identity references the geometric, but often imperfect, mosaics and gridded patterns found within Turkish culture. The mark needed to be able to adapt to a printed label and embroidery as well as digital applications such as instagram and online. Alongside the logo, a functional monochrome colour palette works effortlessly with the many coloured patterns and designs of the towels themselves.


Mediterranean style

Terzi have a range of editions that feature different thicknesses, lengths and drying times, making them suitable for a whole range of different uses. They fold down smaller than the average towel, meaning that bit of extra space in your carry-on luggage or your gym bag.