Challenging the conversation around housing: New work for Community Led Homes


Community led housing is a growing movement of people taking action and managing housing projects that build the decent and affordable homes that UK so desperately needs.

Homes for need not greed

Community Led Homes is a partnership project between the Confederation of Co-operative HousingLocality, the National Community Land Trust Network and UK Cohousing. The scheme provides training, funding and support for hundreds of group and individual developments across the UK. Just as the pioneering community led housing groups that have formed to date have and are demonstrating: there is power in numbers and in the future, community led housing will become a mainstream housing option.

LOGO BW-01.png

Building a future together

Community Led Homes approached Lantern to create an identity for the scheme. The idea was for it to be seen a kitemark for quality and socially led housing projects. The logo combines a simple architectural diagram of a house, open door and speech bubble reflecting the collaborative and open source nature of Community Led Homes. The bold logo is complimented by a bright and optimistic colour palette which captures the energy of the growing, grassroots movement.

Hope for housing

The movement has been born from frustrated people all over the country who have reached their limits with the status-quo housing industry. Rather than giving up and following convention, individuals have started to take matters in to their own hands.

But taking on the system and doing something new is hard. Community Led Homes aim to make community led housing as easy as possible for those that want to do it.

The movement is already having a hugely positive impact on communities across the country, proving that another way is possible and that there is hope. 

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