Lantern's new #powerof657 campaign branding is featured in The Drum

The Drum, the UK's number one media and marketing publication and website, this week featured our new campaign branding for The Muscle Help Foundation's #powerof657 initiative in both their online and print-based issues.

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Lantern was awarded the work following a five year relationship with the charity – an organisation that delivers life-changing, highly personalised experiences for children and young people in the UK with Muscular Dystrophy.

The campaign name, also developed by Lantern, refers to the charity’s aim of delivering a total of 657 transformational experiences or ‘Muscle Dreams’. 657 represents the approximate number of muscles in the human body and also reinforces the project’s key aim to reach more people across the country, by demonstrating the powerful effect that Muscle Dreams have on those with MD and their families.

The movement is supported by a new donations structure, encouraging individuals to give to the charity in amounts ranging from £6.57 to £6,570. “Besides raising money, this campaign is about raising the charity’s profile, helping it to reach more individuals and families coping with MD, empowering and inspiring them to realise their potential” says Lantern Director, Ryan Tym.

The look and feel has been designed as a playful and positive extension to the charity’s existing creative, also created by Lantern.

“The world of charity branding has improved dramatically in recent years, as the sector embraces a greater confidence in its communication. We have no doubt that the #powerof657’s combination of attitude and aesthetics will further build on this movement” adds Tym.

Alongside creating the look and feel, Lantern has also developed unusual fundraising ideas around the number 657, including a 6:57 meal challenge and a fun run following the route of London’s No. 657 bus.

Michael McGrath, The Muscle Help Foundation’s CEO, who was himself diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, commented: “The more unusual and intriguing the connection to the number, the greater the opportunity to tell the charity’s story. We’re hopeful that the momentum created will lead to spin-off activity beyond 2015.” 

The campaign will be rolling out from today across the charity’s social media channels and a new campaign page on its website. Offline, a donation pack, event banner and press advertising will also drive the communications throughout the year.