A new logo for Dover — branding the town's £1million Big Local programme

Dover Big Local worked with us to create the logo and supporting identity for a £1million, ten year regeneration plan for the area.

Appointed following a competitive tender, Lantern led a consultation process with local residents and businesses to define the values of the project, prior to the identity development.

“The new logo is inspired by the cornerstone brickwork of the town’s most historic landmarks, including Maison Dieu and St. Mary’s Church, also depicting the iconic castle in an abstracted form” explains Lantern’s Director, Ryan Tym.

“With Dover Big Local’s plan addressing the local economy, arts and culture, sports and leisure, environment and green spaces as well as communications in the town, we wanted to represent the ripple effect these five themes will have beyond the town centre and into the surrounding area. That’s what the five unifying rings represent at the heart of the icon” adds Tym.

A new identity system sets the tone for colour, typography and photography – aiming to balance the town’s historic past with its vibrant, youthful future, while capturing the values of uniting, energising and inspiring the community.

Clare Smith, who leads on arts and culture within the executive committee, commented that “the new logo has the potential to develop beyond its initial purpose as a logo for Dover Big Local into a symbol for Dover as a destination, especially given Dover’s ambitions to develop and enhance its tourist offer.”

Supported by the Big Lottery Fund, Dover is one of 150 urban areas across the UK receiving at least £1million in Lottery funding over the next 10 years. The scheme is designed to build stronger communities in these areas and act as a springboard for securing further investment in the future. It is hoped that local businesses will begin to use the new logo on future communications.